Healthy Choices at Sporting Events

Finding a way to attend sporting events and eat healthy at the same time may be one of the most difficult tasks a person could ever undertake. Part of the experience of attending live sporting events is indulging in some of the tasty yet unhealthy food options that stadiums offer. However, it’s not as impossible as it may seem to eat healthy and attend sporting events at the same time. Here’s how it can be done. Even though all the food there is made by some sort of personal chef or other culinary specialist (which are far more common than you think, and you can read up on them at culinary dreaming), that does not mean that it’s healthy.


First, always eat before you leave the house. If possible, eat a full meal, but if you can’t do that, at least eat a snack. By eating right before you leave, you’ll be less hungry once you get there and you’ll be less likely to crave many of the larger and less healthy options. You can also try taking a snack to the game with you. People at the ballpark won’t like it, and you may have to sneak it in, but having a granola bar or a piece of fruit with you will have the same effect as eating at home before the game. If you save the snack for later in the game, there’ll be less of a chance that the greasy food at the stadium will tempt you.

Once you get to the stadium, one of the best things you can do is walk around the concourse. This may tire you out a little and make you hungry, but it’ll also burn off some calories just incase you can’t resist some of the food options at the stadium. Of course, walking around the stadium can also be seen as a scouting mission. While you make your way around, check out all the different vendors to see what kinds of foods they’re selling. This will help you to pick out the healthiest options while also knowing the foods you need to stay away from while at the stadium.

Another important lesson to remember at sports arenas is to stay away from alcohol. Most of the alcoholic options at stadiums are quite expensive, and even the light beers will offer little nutritional value while also being filled with empty calories. The fountain sodas aren’t a great choice either, as they’re mostly sugar and will make you want to complement it with the greasiest burger the stadium offers. Your best bet for a beverage is usually water, as it’s the healthiest option, and even if it’s overpriced, it’ll be cheaper than beer or soda.

Finally, use common sense when making your food choice inside a sports arena. If the word “fried” is used or something comes covered with cheese, it’s probably not going to be a healthy option. A lot of stadiums are starting to cater to people looking for healthier options, so there’s a good chance the stadium will offer something that’s reasonably healthy. All you have to do is find it and have the courage to bypass the unhealthy options and make a healthy food choice.

Essential Healthcare for Big Events


Healthcare is an integral part of big events today – no one wants to have something unfortunate happen at a sporting event or monster truck show or something similar. They’re available to ensure safety for people attending such occasions. Healthcare teams must be present regardless how big the event since anything unexpected can occur. Organizers of events should be aware of the importance of healthcare services to address any health and medical dangers.

First aid kits are rendered useless if there aren’t any volunteers or professional healthcare teams to deploy them. Event organizers will need to make use of fully trained healthcare teams. They’ll also need to make sure attendees are safe in terms of health. This also entails the presence healthcare/medical volunteers.

When appropriate healthcare services are offered in events, emergency response time is greatly reduced, call outs for ambulance are reserved for victims who require hem, and admissions in the emergency department are minimized. This all contributes to a successful big event and lesser chance of bad publicity.

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The craziest thing I heard all year…MONSTERBIKES!

I’ve been a huge fan and enthusiast of monster trucks for many, many years now. Ever since I began, I experience a rush every time I see them or go to a stadium where they put on rallies, and I thought nothing could ever take that over. Well, it is still unbeatable, but the only thing that could possibly rival them would be if monster BIKES were a thing! Could you imagine those rallies? Bikes versus trucks, races, contests, prizes, the works.

I’ve only ever seen photos online of people who have modified their bicycles or motorbikes to have massive front wheels or a crazy body modification. They’re definitely not fit for the kind of activities I had in mind. Boost up the size of everything, especially the wheels, make the bodies bigger and more impact resistant, modify controls to remain in charge while riding, and of course make sure the drivers are safe while riding. Monster truck drivers are very well protected inside the trucks, but injuries still happen. It’s been mostly recorded that drivers don’t generally suffer from immediate pain, but more so internal, long lasting injuries that don’t surface for years to come. Definitely makes you want to become one, right? Well as I’m sure you’ve seen, trucks land upside and roll a bunch.

Monster bikes would probably take more damage, seeing as they are less stable on 2 wheels and much more prone to rolling, bailing and wiping out in general. Creating a safe, protective area or an easy escape would take some hard work, planning, testing, and prototyping, but just to see these in action would be so worth it. One thing is for sure (for both monster truck and bike operators), they need helmets. With so much juggling around, flipping, rolling, and getting their heads jostled around, they need to protect what’s inside! Motorbike helmets are some of the highest grade out there for high impact accidents and crashes. The monster bike riders would especially benefit from one of these! There’s a massive assortment of all different kinds and grade of helmet…I can only imagine they’d use the highest and best quality one for these stunts (something like the HJC CL-16 would be a pretty good place to start..).

If you’re a motor enthusiast like myself, and enjoy a little dare-deviling here and there, I highly recommend checking out some sites and stores for a helmet to cushion your melon. I know it’s saved my life more than once on numerous occasions! Seriously, take the time to compare brands and styles to find the right one for you. Who knows, maybe Monster Bikes will sponsor their own brand one day!

Now imagine this…but a motorcycle!

There is just so much that can possibly be done to create the new stunt/sport or monster biking! It would be line taking motocross stunts and blowing it up to double the size or more and just making a way bigger impact on the crowd (and the ground!). It would launch a new generation of enthusiasts, and people’s garages everywhere would soon be filled with all the crazy junk needed to create their own massive monster bike!

Monster Truck Rally – Sponsors

Upon entering the stadium, the distinct smell of gasoline was thick in the air. The noise inside ear-deafening. The throngs of people shifting towards their seats around me wild and excited.

There is only one place I could have been: a monster truck rally. I love the chaos you are presented with when you arrive at one of these events. You learn to love the assault on the senses you are subjected to throughout the show – the smells, loud noise and even louder people.

Sometimes I just like to sit back and people-watch. You’re greeted by all different types of folk; families and enthusiasts or people there for the first time. The sea of mullets is always a sight to behold!

It’s not the first time I have been to a rally. In fact, I have been going for a number of years now. As an enthusiast, one of the things I most enjoy about the events is the sponsors, and the giveaways and merchandise you can nab for free before or after the main event. In fact, I think monster truck sponsors must be some of the most generous around – the mountain of freebies I have attained throughout the years is a testament to that.

So for collectors like me, here is a list of some of the sponsors you can expect at events nationwide and some of the stuff they give away for free.


One of the most commonly sighted firms at rallies, Peraltor are usually the main sponsors of the smaller/medium sized shows across the country. They usually have a booth next to the gate manned by pretty women in sponsored gear. Instead of being there for people to just gawk at, they are there to do a job and promote future events. They also give out free event-day programs, and also a reviews sheet for the latest monster truck tires. This is hardly the most useful review material as I can’t imagine many people owning their own monster truck, but they are great collectors item with the programs.

Fullerton Fuel

I see this specialist gasoline company at quite a few race events. And they love to give stuff away if you get to them early. Not only do they give away company-branded caps with different monster truck images on them, they also hand out these cool rubber wristbands, that come in a variety of colors. Granted, the wristbands are a little too small for my thick arms these days, but they are great to give to younger siblings or your kids.


Ok, not a completely free gift, but a great promotion nonetheless. This food company offers something called the Sugerdon Dollar Dog Day at select events. Which is exactly that – event-day hot dogs for $1. This is a steal, and I usually buy multiple when I see them. And lots of other people have the same idea. Why not. So this promotion usually causes a mini-stampede before the main event, so if you know Sugerdon are sponsoring a rally, try to get to their food stall early.


The classic sponsor-giveaway is offered by this toy-car maker at most events they attend – the branded T-shirt replete with Monster Truck design. The fabric on the T-shirts is surprisingly good quality, and I have a black, grey and blue one.



Cooking Barbeque for An Auto Race

There is something really special about traveling across the country to go to an auto race. Whether you are traveling with your family or a group of friends – it is an expedition, an adventure, a shared experience that will provide you with a lot of fun and some fantastic memories.

One of the best ways to enjoy your auto race experience to camp out the night before. You might have had to drive for a couple of hours to get to the race way, but once you have set up your camp and started to think about organizing some food and maybe a few drinks, then you can really start to relax and enjoy the build up to the next day of racing.

The key to a successful expedition like this is preparation. Planning and preparation. The perfect food that is going to please everyone on a pre-race camping trip is barbecue. It is simple, easy to prepare, easy to eat, and undeniably delicious. Of course there are lots of different types of barbecue meals that you could prepare – you could keep it as simple as some sausages or burgers, but if you want to go to a bit more effort (and have some very happy and impressed campers) then why not think about preparing some pork ribs?

Many people will argue that the key to a great meal of barbecued ribs is all in the marinating and the secret sauces. This is absolutely true – once you’ve bought the ribs it is important to get that marinade going, letting the flavors really be absorbed by the meat, basting it regularly and helping to lock that moisture in.

Baby back rips are a favorite camping barbecue food. Make sure that the ribs have been marinated at least overnight, pat them dry before applying a dry rub, and then store them in an air tight container until you are ready to grill. You can baste with your barbecue sauce while cooking and also before serving to ensure that they have that sticky sweet flavor and texture that every body will love.

But let us not forget that the way that we cook the meat is almost just as critical – there is not point undoing all of your good preparation work just by a poorly executed cooking method. If you are lucky enough to have scored a camp site that has a power connection, or if you have brought with you a portable generator, then you could simply plug in your best electric smoker and away you go. However if you are roughing it a little, then you might need to consider some other alternatives.

You can achieve surprisingly good barbecuing and smoking results with your meat if you are using a gas barbecue, but this takes a little skill and patience. Generally the best results will be achieved if you are using a charcoal barbecue or smoker. Some of the tools and equipment that you will need include cubes of charcoal (these will give you a cleaner and more intense heat than briquettes), you will also need wood chips to create the smoke – ensure that you have selected wood chips that do not have any bark on them and that have not been treated with any chemicals, you need to ensure that you are not creating toxic smoke that will render your meat inedible. Plus you will need some long heat resistant tongs.

When you are smoking meat, the key to a successful smoke is really the ability to control the temperature. It is a long process of slow cooking to ensure that the meat that you produce is tender and tasty and full of flavor.

Like all of the best things in life, patience is the key to a good barbecue or smoking of your meat. By maintaining a consistent temperature you will cook the meat gradually, locking in the flavor and ensuring that you have fed a lot of happy campers.

Even though you will be full from the barbecue, you may need some snacks once you are inside, so read here for great snacks for a monster truck show.

My First Monster Truck Show

Monster trucks. Yeap. I’ve been seeing them a lot on TV lately. I’ve been trying to picture myself sitting in one of the arena seats at a monster truck show for quite some time now. I’m sure it’ll be twice the fun since I watch most sporting events or shows on TV. This will be a first for me since I’ve never set foot in a monster truck event (though I have spent some time researching the top monster trucks of all time).

My husband had been to monster truck shows from time to time as a child. Me? Never. But now, I can check this off my “To Do List” and make my prolonged dream a reality. A friend of mine, who won tickets to a local monster truck circuit, was nice enough to share tickets for me and my family.

My sons were a bit hesitant about going to monster truck show since the noise is said to be extremely loud. But when we got to the entrance, I managed to get myself, my two kids, and my husband headphones to protect our ears from the loud noise. I finally saw the “Monster Jams” monster truck show at the Lincoln Financial Center (the same place where the Eagles play football).

We decided not to go to the top of the stadium since I fear that being atop a closed dome would be a lot noisier. Turns out, I was wrong. Sitting at the bottom row seats near the field is painfully loud. But it’s a good thing I had my ear-reducing headphones on to minimize the deafening roar of the trucks and the crowd. The Monster trucks are freakishly loud, to put it mildly.

So we found our seats. They were great since they’re situated on the first row and second tier at the 50-yard line. No one sat behind us so we can freely stand up and cheer whenever we want. I stood up and cheered for the quad race groups and a plethora of monster trucks on show. The trucks arranged a race to see who can get around the track the fastest. This was actually the first half of the show.

The teams on the first half of the show consist of different quad races with some intense city-against-city competition (It’s New York City versus Philly). The main event (second half of the show) was the “freestyle.” It’s basically seeing how hard the trucks can push other vehicles out of the way but only seeing them fall apart and crashing on each other. The crowd was loving it. So was I. Turns out, my family loved it too as they continued to cheer for their favorite trucks.

I was amazed at how high the trucks flew in the air. The hang time on each truck was just incredible. I managed to snap several shots from my smartphone from the time they each attempt a jump to the time they land. It was pure bliss for me.

A lot of the trucks performed back flips here and there. I even saw the renowned Grave Digger do a full flip. The truck landed on its side on the second flip. Other trucks were successful while others landed in ridiculous positions.

It was a different evening for me and my family. I must say, I’m proud to have finally been on my first monster truck show since it was a fun event to be part of. I’m already looking forward for another monster show trip soon!

Great Snacks for a Monster Truck Show

Baseball in itself as a sport is wonderful sport. The whizzing of a fastball, the cracking sound of a bat, the ball smacking into the glove, and the cheering of the crowd are some of the few sounds you’ll come across in a baseball stadium all over the country.

But soaking into one of America’s favorite games live goes way beyond what you hear. You’ll also appreciate the sights, sounds, smell, and tastes to enjoy as well. Namely, that delicious smell hovering around the ballpark — attracting fans for a snack at the concession stands.

The days when picking a simple menu for selecting foods has been long gone. Nowadays, baseball stadiums provide treats that you can’t even imagine, with the main aim of showing something for everyone since the only option better than seeing a baseball game live is, of course, with food.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 best foods to snack on while watching a baseball game in the stadium:


Nachos: If you’re seeking to get the most of your money then look no further to a tray full of nachos. Nachos are most likely to last for a couple runs, unless you’re sharing the nachos with a friend. There is no doubt that nachos can easily fill your belly for the time being before going back to the concession stand. Pile them high with cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes onions and more for a great snack.

Ice Cream:You surely can’t go wrong eating several scoops of any ice cream. Sitting under the scorching summer heat is no fun. So, having ice cream is an ideal solution to keep you cool while satisfying your taste buds. Just make sure you have a napkin or two around in case you’re facing a melting problem.

Popcorn: The snack isn’t just made for movie theatre goers. Nowadays, you can find popcorn on every concourse of a sporting event, concert or something else all over the country. Popcorn is simple, tasty, can be shared and lasts a little longer. Just make sure you keep a close eye on butter and salt consumption.

Peanuts: Having a pack of freshly cracked peanuts is both tasty and rewarding at the same time. Going for a bag of peanuts is likely the best option a truck fanatic can ever go for. You won’t have to worry about discarding leftovers in a trash bin. Just chuck the hard shells to the ground and forget about them. Furthermore, peanuts are a healthy snack that can last you for quite a while while at the show.

Hot Dogs:  Hot dog is the king of Monster Truck show food and this is something that won’t change in the next several generations. Whether you prefer your hot dog with relish, onions, cheese, mustard, cheese, or all of them combined, it’s one food that will never let any true fan down.

Image Credit Flickr User: Point N Shoot

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